You won’t be surprised to hear that the Écho has won several awards in the past and some in the present. Although run by agroup of volunteers, overseen by another group of volunteers with more impressive titles, The Écho of Cantley is totally committed to quality.

We’ve never won a major newspaper award simply because of a conspiracy by large international newspaper conglomerates to prevent us from participating in their competitions and firmly routing them every year. That’s our best-formed conspiracy theory at least. You’ll find below a list of some of the awards we have, in fact, won:

Awards from l’Association des médias écrits communautaires du Québec (AMECQ)









  • 3rd place – Best press photography – Philippa Judd
  • Honourable Mention – Top Volunteer – Gustaaf Schoovaerts


  • 3rd place – Best Paper (out of 92 members)
  • 2nd place – Top Factual Article – Isabelle Lessard
  • 2nd place – Top Interview – Isabelle Lessard
  • 2nd place – Top Opinion Piece – Chantal Turcotte
  • 2nd place – Best Column – Gustaaf Schoovaerts
  • 3rd place – Best Editorial Cartoon – Louise Laperrière
  • Honourable Mention – Top Volunteer – Kristina Jensen


  • First Place – Best Ad Design – Josée Mainville


  • First Place – Best Column – Chantal Turcotte


Should you be interested in finding out more about community newspapers – and who wouldn’t? – you’ll find a few links below that may be of interest to you. Consulting these links will provide you with endless discussion fodder for those awkward elevator moments after the topics of the weather and last night’s games have been thoroughly exhausted. The odd looks people give you will stem from amazement and awe. Trust us on that.

Association des médias écrits communautaires du Québec

Canadian Community Newspapers Association