Hello. My name is Jean-Nicolas de Bellefeuille, one of the candidates for District 6 in the upcoming municipal election. I grew up on the outskirts of Cantley, surrounded by nature, which influenced my decision, made four years ago, to settle here to start my family. The environment and its protection remain extremely important in my life.

I received my high-school diploma from St-Alexandre College and then studied in computer science. At the University of Ottawa, while in electrical engineering, I became the president of WUSC, a humanitarian organization active throughout Third World countries. This organization gave me the opportunity to work as a volunteer in Costa Rica. There, I learned Spanish while helping organizations solve most of their computer-related problems and deal with their computer needs. I came back with an urge to find personal fulfillment by helping others. I saved my money and managed to travel to Central America in 2005 with the plan to start a community farm for needy residents, an activity that would satisfy my love of nature, as well. But my plans changed when travelling through Mexico where I met my wife. After marrying her in 2007, we decided to come back to Quebec to start our family. I then completed my studies in information technology which led to my employment with the federal government in 2009. We were soon able to purchase our home in this district.

I now have a 9-year-old son with whom I share a love of soccer and snowboarding. For him and for your children, and with your help, I want to build a better world. Challenges don’t scare me. I acquired determination, courage and tenacity as a result of the practice of tae kwon do as a teenager and the attaining of my black belt in this martial art. Integrity, self-control and courtesy have also become part of me thanks to the teachings of this discipline.

Climate change remains a constant preoccupation for me and for my generation, and so I purchased an electric car as my main vehicle. My love of animals motivated me to become mostly vegetarian.

Our children’s sporting needs must be dealt with because better sports infrastructure will give them the opportunity to develop a healthier lifestyle. All citizens need prompt and easy access to the Internet, even those on the outskirts of the municipality. We are constantly growing and acquiring new residents; therefore, we do not need large tax increases which would be harmful to the lower income residents. My life plans may have taken a new direction in 2007, but I still need to find personal fulfillment by helping others in my environment. This is a goal that you would help me reach in making me your new councillor.